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The most widely used industrially produced material in the world is concrete. It is a very durable material and structures made out of concrete may last for more than 100 years. However, environmental factors, load and use contribute to the process of degradation of concrete and therefore concrete structures need to be repaired or reconstructed in order to maintain or extend their lifetime. The hydrodemolition technology has been developed for removing concrete from sensitive concrete structures such as bridges, tunnels and quays in conjunction with repair and refurbishments.

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Benefits of Hydrodemolition

In contrast to other methods, hydrodemolition will not create any new micro cracks in the concrete left behind. In fact, the water will find its way into any remaining cracks and remove those parts of the concrete. The absence of micro cracks and the rough and uneven textured surface left behind after hydrodemolition will provide an ideal bonding-interface for the new concrete, providing that the surface is properly cleaned. This has been proved by scientific research comparing the tensile strength of core samples from repairs using hydrodemolition with repairs using percussive demolition.

About National Hydro, Inc.

National Hydro, Inc. has been in business since 1998. We have been doing business on a national level since. We do business throughout North America, including Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Canada. National Hydro, Inc. offers parts, service, operation and maintenance training, consulting, demonstrations, and rental purchase trials.

Our equipment removes concrete from horizontal, vertical, overhead surfaces, from culverts, and under piers. Hydrodemolition can remove concrete from bridges, parking garages, piers, spillways, and water treatment facilities.

Some associated benefits of hydrodemolition includes the cleaning of steel, improved bonding of overlay material, it's much faster than conventional methods, and can replace the equivalent of 20 jack hammers!